At AideVantage, I provide a variety of virtual assistant services, to include administrative support and project management. My clients include freelance photographers, graphic designers, writers, and other small business owners.

Please see below for a detailed list of what I can do for you.

• Estimating*
• Invoicing*
• Bill paying or bill pay reminder services

Database Management
• Creating and managing contact databases
• Confirming contact information for existing lists
• Researching and creating new prospect lists
• Emailing new prospects

Editing & Proofreading

Event Planning
• Setting up teleseminars and webinars
• Researching venues
• Contacting speakers
• Emailing marketing materials to potential attendees

Graphical Presentation
• Creating PowerPoint presentations
• Providing “light” design services for flyers, brochures, invitations, etc.

Marketing Support
• Researching possible advertising resources
• Helping implement marking plans (submitting ads, tracking expiration dates, corresponding with ad vendors)
• Researching, procuring, and communicating with designers, photographers, and printers
• Responding to requests for brochures via email
• Creating customer feedback questionnaires and issuing reports

Email Services
• Setting up general email account for new client inquiries and information requests, then reviewing, sorting, responding to routine questions and requests, and forwarding important emails to client’s personal account

Personnel & Human Services
• Assisting with the hiring process (writing advertisements, placing ads, receiving and reviewing resumes, and setting up interviews)
• Verifying past employment and calling references
• Sending annual performance reviews reminders
• Writing résumés

Project Management
• Keeping subcontractors, employees, and team members on task
• Using online calendars and scheduling tools, email, and phone calls to make sure everyone is meeting their deadlines
• Providing progress reports

Specialty Services
• For Photographers: scheduling shoots, preparing shot lists, organizing photos and files, creating budgets, and coordinating studio, hair, makeup, wardrobe, props, sets, talent, etc.

Supply Procurement
• Ordering office supplies (one-time or on a regular basis)
• Researching new equipment, obtaining pricing information

• Competition
• New training or workshops
• Background information on potential clients
• Fact checking

Executive Assistant Services
• Calendaring
• Scheduling and confirming meetings and appointments, providing addresses, contact information, maps, etc.
• Travel services (researching options, preparing itineraries, compiling expense reports)
• Online file organization and management
• Reminder services
• Word processing

* I am familiar with QuickBooks (which I use for my own business), but am happy to use your preferred method.